Pernambuco Update

In late 2021, IBAMA and the Federal Police of Brazil and US Fish & Wildlife Service announced a joint investigation into the illegal trafficking of pernambuco into the US and Europe. Authorities have been investigating the trade in bows made from illegal wood as well as individuals using the internet and social media accounts to sell illegally harvested wood. Although details of the investigation are still emerging, it is our understanding that search warrants have been issued in Brazil, seizures of illegal shipments made and prosecutions initiated.

The Alliance fully supports Brazil’s investigation and is coordinating with the international authorities. It is understood that environmental crimes threaten our conservation efforts and pose grave risks to the environment, music and culture.

We pledge to increase awareness that pernambuco is endangered and internationally protected and that illegal trafficking is a serious crime under US and European law. It is crucially important to demand presentation of an Export DOF* when purchasing any pernambuco wood and that it is essential to ensure to the greatest extent possible that bows have been made with legally sourced wood. We welcome dialogue with government, environmental, cultural and all other stakeholders to address the problem of illegal trafficking and to ensure the protection and conservation of pernambuco.

*DOF- Documento de Origen Florestal- raw pernambuco may not be exported without an Export DOF which is only permitted if the wood comes from a tree that was planted or has died. Finished products do not, at present, require a Brazilian export permit.